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Violet Tygar- RWBY OC team VOID by Xengix008 Violet Tygar- RWBY OC team VOID by Xengix008
Name: Violet Tygar
Age: 17
Hair color: Purple
Eye color: Aqua blue
Color Palet: Violet
Previous school: Signal Academy
Weapon: Nirvana Cutters
Weapon Type: Crossbow-Claws
Aura Skill: Speed

Short Info: 

Violet Tygar is the leader of team VOID. Having recently graduated from Signal Academy, Violet decides to improve her skills even further and decided to complete her training in Beacon. Personality wise, she tends to be sort of a worry wart at times, and often apologizes a lot when she does (or thinks she did) a mistake. But, once you get to know her better, you can see that she is a very kind person and she is also very bright. She does have her odd quirks though, such as a very strong sweet tooth, which means that she really enjoys sweets. Careful though, giving her too much is hazardous as she will become VERY hyperactive. She is also a huge fan of Dust and Aura skills(kinda like how Ruby is a fangirl over weapons).

While she was heading to Beacon Academy on the airship, she accidentally dozes off during the trip. When she wakes up she notices that everyone had already exited the airship, and it was nearly time for it to depart. Seeing this, she quickly jolts out of her seat and tries to get off as soon as possible, until in one moment she tripped at the very exit and crashed with an unsuspecting student who was just stepping off. She then opens her eyes after hearing the voice saying "H-hey... You alright?", and realizes she had crashed with a young man. After this she is immensely embarrassed and helps him up while apologizing continuously. The boy tries to calm her down insisting it was his fault for not seeing her, and laughs slightly. After a slight awkward moment(according to violet), he introduces himself as Daisuke Lee Braunce. Violet then also introduces herself, and the two decide to stick together from that point forward. They become friends shortly after.

Violet's weapons, the Nirvana cutters, are specialized three fingered claw weapons. They are sharp, large, and deadly to Grimm, and she knows how to use them VERY well. The claws also have a grappling hook mechanism that allow her to reach far away distances and/or enemies. The secondary form of the claws are automatic Dust Crossbows. They have multiple Dust ammo canisters in each cartridge, and fire rapid bursts of arrows towards enemies. She has very exceptional aim with these, and cause quite a problem to any unlucky foe. Now as you an see, she has a lot of spare Dust ammunition. Since Dust is highly combustible by any force(example, Ruby's mere sneeze), she used the forging skills she learned in Signal Academy to forge specialized canisters that protect all of her Dust ammunition from damage.

She becomes the leader of team VOID, and the partner of Daisuke Lee Braunce, and although she is a little shaky at the leader business at first, she manages to become a great one. 

Member #1 of VOID, here she is! Others coming soon so stay tuned!

RWBY belongs to Rooster Teeth's Monty Oum
Violet Tygar belongs to me

Colored by :iconduskeater:

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